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Date: August 18th 2016Subject: BasketballTime: 2:39pm
 We now have basketball figured out and it's now online. You can check out our latest basketball almanac by clicking on the 4EFBBA link above
Date: July 24th 2016Subject: Basketball & FootballTime: 1:07pm
Our football and basketball leagues have been placed on hold. We have currently hit a snag with running them, I can't say if in the future we'll be
Date: July 16th 2016Subject: TradedTime: 10:50am
Guelph, Cambridge Confirm Deal: It's all done except the paperwork. The Guelph Animals and the Cambridge Ghosts have agreed to a trade that will send 27-year-old LF Kong Tsui to Cambridge, while 32-year-old RHP Edinson Volquez and 20-year-old LHP John Potvin will be shipped to Guelph. A top front office executive with the Animals described the trade talks as "quick and easy." "We're glad to get this deal done. We think it's something that helps our ball club and it didn't take too long at all to sort this one out," he said.

This year Tsui has hit 1 home run and posted a .350 batting average.

This year Volquez is 0-and-1 with 1 save and a 3.74 ERA. He has given up 17 hits in 21.2 innings with 22 strikeouts.

Cambridge Trades Chatwood for Toronto's Dubois: In a hastily called press conference, Cambridge announced today a trade with Toronto that will send 26-year-old RHP Tyler Chatwood to the Team Cabbage in exchange for 22-year-old 1B Jean Dubois. All players are expected to be in their respective new cities in time for today's games.

On the year, Chatwood has recorded 1 save with a 0-1 record over 20 innings. He has mowed down 24 batters on strikes and walked 2 with an ERA of 2.25.

Toronto Trades Díaz to Cambridge for MacGregor: After a week of negotiations, the Team Cabbage and Ghosts have come to terms on a deal that will send 32-year-old 3B Marcos Díaz to Cambridge for 21-year-old 2B Jerry MacGregor.

This year Díaz is hitting .278 with 3 home runs and 8 RBIs to his credit. He has gotten on base at a .308 clip and scored 4 runs.

Toronto-Cambridge Trade Confirmed: Done deal! The Toronto Team Cabbage have agreed to send 28-year-old RHP Chad Jenkins to the Cambridge Ghosts for 22-year-old CF Burton Hutchings. The trade, rumored for days, was completed in the wee hours this morning.

Jenkins has a won-lost record of 22 wins and 13 losses with 238 strikeouts and a lifetime 2.98 ERA.
Date: June 27th 2016Subject: We UpgradedTime: 2:10pm
out of the park baseball 17We have upgraded to the latest version of Out Of The Park 17, right now our almanac for our OOTP league doesn't reflect the new changes but we'll get things up to date soon enough...
Date: June 10th 2016Subject: We've Got AlmanacsTime: 10:21pm
We have almanacs folks, we have the latest full almanac for our Out Of The Park league, we also now have our full almanac for our PureSim league too..
All of this can be found on the left hand side... We're working on bringing you more so bare with us

1041pm - Our baseball mogul encyclopedia is now online as well